eduroam FAQ


Does eduroam work in different environments?

eduroam can work with operations systems and devices like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Linux, Windows CE, iphone, ipod.

What is security level of eduroam?

Today, the well known security technologies in wireless neotworking are WEP, WPA, WPA2. The security level of WEP and WPA are today very low level. For that reason our setup files come predefined with WPA2. But WPA-TKIP is temporarily in use.

Why do I have to install a program for connecting eduroam?

The most important issue in eduroam is the security issue. In classical wireless networks, it's possible that someone can listen to the communication data. The only way to prevent this is to increase the complexity of the encryption method. Starting from the first moment you send your username and password, the communication is provided with encryption. Since the program for starting this TTLS algorithm is not present in Windows operation systems, we have to use a different program.

I installed securew2 program to access eduroam network, do I have to reinstall it the next time I want to connect?

If you connected the eduroam network before and haven't uninstalled the program, you do not need to reinstall the program. You can connect automatically to the eduroam network.

I frequently disconnect/can not connect to the eduroam network?

To use the eduroam network in a healthy way, the devices drivers of your computer's wireless network adapter should be up to date. Get help from the technical support group of your adapter's vendor.

I installed secureW2 and I cannot acces wired/wireless networks at home/office. What can be the problem?

If you've installed the secureW2 program according to the istructions, it shouldn't becausing problems with other wired/wireless networks.